Subject: Paris in August
Dear Ziners,

Many thanks to all who have helped us plan our trip thus far. The good information on airport hotels with extended parking; the Philadelphia airport; and especially hotels have all helped tremendously.

I just read Candice's comments on so many things being closed in Paris in August. My research is of course confirming this, but I would like to know if anyone has good information on things that are open in August.

Any tips for charming restaurants open in August would really help. We have several books, but of course personal recommendations are what we prefer.

We chose this time because of an incredible Internet airfare, a hotel offering a free night, and that it coincided with our car trip to New York, as well as Labor Day, which is a vacation day we won't be charged for (we count those days off as if they were diamonds). So the trip is a little bonus and we are going to try to do our best to work around August closings.

We have been to Paris before (twice since April 2000) and so we think we will be happy enough just visiting some parks, lesser known museums, and taking a day trip or two. But we would really like some great dining choices that aren't too expensive and are open in August.

Thanks, Debbie in Pittsburgh