Subject: Re: Corsica info
Hi Evan,

We spent 3 weeks on Corsica and loved it!! The best beaches are along the southeastern side above Bonifacio. Also, on the western side (Campamoro) Campamoro has lovely beaches and rock formations and it is closer to the menhirs and alignments - also Sartene.

I can look some things up for you if you want. The western side has more day trips to go to that might be of interest to a child (how old?) - but it is quieter.

Let me know what you're looking for. Sept will be beautiful. We were there in May. We flew directly into Ajaccio from Paris (RT).

Corsica is fun - quite sauvage if you want it to be, but other towns (Calvi, Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio are more touristy, built up and lively -

We saw some nice rental units on the beach between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio, but we were headed further north and inland to hike, but I'm happy to look and find whatever I have if you're interested.

Regards, Susie Newton, MA