Subject: Which airline within Spain?
We are thinking of visiting Spain next April. I have been checking trains, buses and airplane fares to go from Barcelona to Madrid and from Madrid to Santiago. There are great fares from Air Europa, Spanair and Iberia. They can only be bought through the internet, although can be issued by a travel agent. I have read that they can only be bought in Spain. Is that true? I did not read that anywhere on their sites, although some sites are only in Spanish (which I can read), but I did not go through the process of buying one. In another list, they said that only Spanish citizens can get the low price in the above-mentioned routes. The prices are comparable to the price of the train tickets.

Last year I flew from Hamburg to Berlin and Berlin to Paris for less than it would had cost if I had taken the train! Could that be possible in Spain? Thanks to those who can help!

Helio, Vancouver, Canada