Subject: Re: Prague
Hi Ziners,

We (two American senior couples) are half way through a four week trip to Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Hallstatt and Salzburg.

We are now in Budapest, but I did want write a few words about Prague while still fresh in my memory.

We absolutely loved Prague, with no small thanks to our rental agent, guide, and general source of all information, Stania Weigova. Stania is a lovely, informative women, a very youthful senior, well versed in 5 languages,

Stania was referred to us by fellow Ziner, Elena, and for that we will always be grateful.

Stania rented us a lovely 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath apartment, wonderful located in the old city, for 54 EUR a night. But the best of all was her guiding service. She made Prague come alive for us. We spent 7 hours with her on two different days. She charged 7 EUR an hour for all of us, by far our best bargain in Europe. Stania's web site is

Bob and Lynn Wolff