Subject: The travel industry and 9/11
Hello Travelziners,

I keep reading articles about how the travel industry is hurting and how they are attempting to lure travelers back. The US government gives warnings every so often about potential attacks, as they should, but people are getting more and more concerned. They just don`t travel. My sister, for one, won`t fly unless she absolutely has too. I think fear is people`s own worst enemy. I am not necessarily talking about taking a trip to the Middle East or to SARS hit areas. People are even scared about traveling to Europe. In Japan, a country that never had a problem with SARS nor terrorism (recently), is having huge problems. People are scared and the Japanese government is trying hard to bring tourists back. I have been reading articles in the English paper about how the government wants to launch a new program to try and boost the tourist industry. I know it isn`t just here,

Sorry for the rant, but I have been reading so many articles about such subjects that I thought I would bring it up here. Has the threat of terrorism affected anyone`s plans? What do you think it`ll take to boost the travel industry?

I realize I probably read the news way too much but it is a pretty big issue. I hope everyone is enjoying their summers! I have a week long vacation coming up pretty soon and I`ll take that chance to go down and visit the Hiroshima area.

Take care, Adam in Japan