Subject: Re: Portugal in September/October
Hi Ricardo, I enjoyed a lot your post :-). I enjoyed it so much that since we are going to be in Spain in late October it brought saudades de Portugal, fados and your delicious cuisine !

I wish to ask you the following: Next October we will be driving next door in Spain (Caceres, Trujillo, Merida , Zafra.Cordoba...), do you suggest any place for us to visit on the Portuguese side ? We have been in beautiful Evora, if possible this year we would like to visit a different place. We loved Porto, as well as Braga and Guimares.

I had to use the word saudades, a word that as far as I know has no real translation. May be you can translate it after all for the benefit of all Ziners. I believe it is a beautiful word. Thank you. Graziella - Miami Beach