Subject: Re: October in Rome
Hello Cynthia,

You ask about something a bit different to do and I am not sure if you mean unusual place to visit or unusual activity, anyway here are my suggestions.

To discover Rome underground (that is rich in archaeological ruins), have a look to the following page and click on Roma sotterranea opens the guided tours section for info on guided tours:

For info about what is on in Rome and temporary exibition, have a look to

Are you interested in Opera, maybe in the archaeological environment of the Terme di Caracalla ?

For a jump in the past, wolk around the Appia Antica archeological park where you'll find catacombs, old romans grave like Cecilia Metella tomb, the Domine, Quo Vadis church.

Cynthia, if you are more specific on what you are looking for, maybe we can help you.

Ciao, Marco in Milan, Italy