Subject: Re: Normandy
Hi Ann & Ziners, Yes, we did a similar route only in reverse. I can not say enough about how important a good map is! We bought regional Michelin maps from a gas station once we arrived - about 5-7 euro each. They may also be available in the airport. Don't count on the rental car company for a map as you might here in the states. The reason the map is so important is that they don't use North, South, East & West in their signage - you really need to know the names of the towns you are heading to.

As for the drive from the airport to Giverny - it's an easy drive, you don't get into any of the Paris traffic as you are always on the outskirts of the city. I think you've probably allowed enough time between cities. The only thing I may change would be one night at Giverny and two at Mt St Michel. This is because Giverny doesn't take long to see and the distance between Honfleur and Mt St Michel is going to give you a long drive. You want to give yourself enough time to enjoy Mt St Michel. There is a great website you can go to for printing out routes and drive times -

Have a great trip! Jennie in Atlanta