Subject: Re: Translations
Dear Graziella and Linda:

I hope you won't mind putting in my two cents (or tostão- old Portuguese coins) into the conversation as the subject of saudade is one close to my heart. I have a book about fado coming out in September, and in it I mention that has the same origin as the Italian solita or the Spanish soledad which translated as loneliness. Several centuries ago the word saudade came to have a much broader, exclusively Portuguese meaning, which is quite untranslatable. I have found a number of translations, none of which were totally satisfactory. One described a sad, soulful, nostalgic longing for things that may or may not have been etc.etc. I say in the book that the closest we can come is a sentiment of sad, nostalgic memory or yearning. Love and longing for the part a certainly a part of any definition. I doubt if this is of much definitive help but I offer it for what it's worth. Best regards, Don