Subject: Re: Normandy
Hi Ann and all Ziners!

The travel to Normandy can be extremely nice! I did that and will never forget it.

I've traveled to Giverny by train and local bus - not by car. Getting to Giverny by public transport from Paris or Rouen is very easy (by train to Vernon and then 10 min by bus to Giverny, though also possible by feet).

I also agree with your intention to sleep in Mt St Michel! Don't miss the sunset and visiting the Abbey at the night - starts at 21.00 - light and sound. Staying in Mt St Michel at night is very wise, because it allows you to enjoy this place when the number of tourists drops drastically.

If you go to Normandy stay for half a day in Rouen with its magnificient Cathedral painted by Monet and charming old quarter. Don't miss the carpet of Bayuex dedicated to the Williams' Conquer of England. From Bayeux it's also possible to visit the D-Day beeches.

For more detailed info I'd recommend you to look at my site. I suggest there two ways to see Normandy: 3 days in the most interesting places of Normandy or just going by Monet.

Thank you and enjoy your trip, Alexander Elbert Jerusalem, Israel