Subject: Paris: hotel books, Monoprix, and August closing

Sandy mentioned Hunter Rivages book Hotels of Character and Charm in Paris. I have found a copy at a great price online, but before I purchase it, I would like to know if there are hotels listed in the 100 USD category. Sandy, can you please give us the price range of the hotels listed in this book?

About Cheap Sleeps in Paris: the author Sandra Gustafson has changed the names of her Cheap Sleeps In/ Cheap Eats In series to Great Sleeps and Great Eats. I am not so sure she could have won me for the loyal customer that I am with the new titles, but her books are still good sources for accomodations.

I would also like to know if Monoprix carries small household electronics. I am specifically looking for a small electric coffee maker ( not a kettle or immersion wand). I understand that the chain Darty offers such things at low prices. Is anyone familiar with Darty, or does anyone know if Monoprix carries such?

About August restaurant closings: last night I went through my Michelin Red Guide and read many of the restaurant listings. It seems that although many places are closed in August, several of them reopen on the 23rd or 24th of the month. Michelin Red is the only place so far where I have found such detailed information. If anyone is aware of another source, I would love to hear of it.

And I am having a heck of time getting the info I want off the site. Is anyone else having such trouble? I have tried accessing it from two different browsers but still no luck. When I hit the results button, I see the number of results at the top of the page, but no listings.

Thanks Debbie in Pittsburgh for 26 more days