Subject: Re: Hotels of Character and Charm in Paris
Hi, Debbie... there are hotels listed in the lower ranges in _Hotels of Character and Charm in Paris_. However, there are probably not as many in the 100 USD range as in a little higher range, around 140 USD. There are hotels listed in all ranges, though, from low to high. A few examples in the lower ranges are:

Grand Hotel des Balcons 84 to 136 USD -- 75 to 122 Euros

Hotel du Champ-de-Mars 73 to 78 USD -- 65 to 70 Euros

Hotel Regyn's Montmartre 60 USD -- 67 Euros

Don't remember if I gave you their website... you can do a search on it by area. Click on Toutes les addresses, and scroll down to do your search.

Hope this helps....

Best regards, Sandy in Illinois