Subject: Re: Street maps of Paris (and other cities)
Hi all,

A quick opinion of Paris street maps (I seem to be more and more opinionated about more and more things these days - must be advancing age):

My favorite map for use in central Paris is one called Streetwise Paris. It's a heavy-cardboard, laminated, easily-foldable map that fits in a shirt pocket that can really take a lot of punishment. It includes a street index of central Paris as well as indexes of other things like parks, museums and other places of interest (as well as a Metro map). I am always amazed at how much information is packed into this little map. There is a companion map called Artwise Paris also. I've seen Streetwise maps for many major world cities in many bookstores, and always get one when I travel someplace new. They hold up great, especially when the weather gets hot and paper maps seem to disintegrate. There's even one for Venice that can get you un-lost in seconds (although my favorite thing to do in Venice is to get lost.)

I also agree with Dave about the Michelin Paris Plans. I happen to have #11 and it's great for the entire city # if I can only remember that frequently there are two streets with the same name, one a Rue and another a Blvd.)

Regards, Al, (in croissant-less) Sonoma, USA