Subject: Re: Paris restaurant
Debbie, Don't know if you've eaten at Restaurant Perraudin, not far from the Sorbonne, but we enjoyed it very much... especially the very pleasant service. It's a small place, not very expensive, and serves traditional dishes, such as confit de canard and beef bourguignon. It has red and white checkered tableclothes and lace curtains at the windows. The food was good, and the price was very reasonable.... under 10 Euros for lunch and around 20 Euros for dinner. It tends to be frequented by Sorbonne professors and students.

Restaurant Perraudin 157, r. St-Jacques Tel: 01 46 33 15 75

Metro: Cluny-La Sorbonne Directions: Turn right off Saint Germain Blvd. # near Pantheon, on the corner of rue St-Jacques and rue Soufflot. Hours: Tuesday through Friday 11am-10:15 PM, Saturday and Monday 7-10:15 PM