Subject: Re: Portugal in September/October
Hi Graziella,

Some say love and absence are the parents of saudade. As Don said, it seems the word comes from soidade, which relates to loneliness. It may be almost equivalent to the german word Sehnsucht - anyone can help here? :-)

Regarding your trip to Spain... If you're in Spain and are done with tortillas and Rioja :-)) make a quick ride across the border and tour some of the Alentejo.

You've already been in Évora, which is the informal capital of Alentejo, and the bigggest city around.

Near the border, you could go to Marvão, a medieval city. I've never been but some friends told me it is beautiful. It is the first village accross the border from Cáceres. Serra de São Mamede (a little montain) is nearby. The city hall has a website of their own, not very user friendly ... I cannot help you with places to stay, sorry, but what I've browsed quickly on the internet I think the two references should be:

- Albergaria el Rei Dom Manuel (60 Eur)

- Pousada de Santa Maria (130-140 Eur) (closed for maintenace until 18 September, by the way)

(if you're confortable with the 60 Eur, stay at Albergaria, which seems me, from the photos, very nice. but I think there is rooms there starting in 30 Eur per night, 2 pers.)

Other place you can visit, this one near Merida, is Vila Viçosa: It's a small city with plenty of things to see and lots of history.

Unfortunately this last two weeks, lots of fires haven been raging in central Ribatejo (just north of Alentejo) and also in Spanish Extremadura.



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