Subject: Re: Trip to Czech Republic
Hi Doug and Ziners! In your trip to Czech Rep. don't also miss Karlovy Vary, Konopiste castle of Franz-Ferdinand overlooking the lake, Kutna Hora town with the church which interior made of human bones and the great walking area of Karlstein. You also can pay homage by visitng Terezienstadt concentration camp and ghetto. Staying in Prague you're not too far from Dresden - less than 3 hours by train (take morning train).

Among other sites of Prague don't miss two: the beautiful in its simplicity Loretta monastery and Troya castle (near Zoo).

At the evening try to visit Laterna Magica theatre and the Black Image theatre at Reduta jazz-club (st. Narodna trjida). There is another black image theatre at Parijska, but I loved it less. By the way, Bill Clinton visited Reduta during his Czech tour.

About restaurants I recommend you U Maxima at Bilkova street.

To visit the Karlov bridge - do that at 8.00-9.00 when the place is quiet and empty of tourists.

Enjoy you trip, Alex Elbert