Subject: Re: Trip to Czech Republic
Hi Doug,

My husband and I spent a week in Prague recently and loved it. Here are a few random thoughts:

Take your best and most comfortable walking shoes as you will do a lot of walking, mostly on cobblestones. Prague's public transportation system (buses and trains) is also very good. Quick, cheap, clean, and very little waiting. But be warned -- rife with pickpockets. We wore our wallets under our clothing, but my husband had a small cash wallet in his pocket - it was cleaned out on the train (fortunately just a small amount of cash.)

We were warned not to take taxis in Prague as they apparently rip you off.

If you love music, you will have no shortage of concerts every night.

After we'd had enough goulash and dumplings, we found a couple of lovely French restaurants -- La Provence was one, Bellevue the other.

We used Wittman Tours for the three guided tours we did. One was to Terezin, one to Czesky Krumlov, and one was of the Jewish Quarter. Excellent knowledgeable guides who really knew their stuff.

Enjoy your trip! Sharon

P.S. I had meant to also comment on your question about driving in the Czech Republic. My husband and I have driven in many places, and we were both thrilled that we had not tried to do it there. For one very simple reason -- we could not understand any of the road signs. So, unless you have a good working knowledge of the Czech language, I would suggest that you not try :-)