Subject: Re: Czech republic trip
on renting and driving ... -- we had a friends car that we drove from Vienna. we found signage to be no problem as they use symbols and the rental agency can probably give you a quick course. but what you MUST be aware of are the speed traps ... we got a ticket (that had to be paid right there in cash) and the cops were just pulling everyone over. our friends say that almost everyone gets them in time. the thing to note are strict limits once you enter town lines (the town lines are marked but the speed limit is not) - its something like 60 km/hr so be clear on that. otherwise driving is very pleasant especially on back roads and outside Prague it will be alot easier to get to places.

--we stayed in a delightful bed and breakfast in Prague - a bargain at $65 if i recall right - you are probably set with accomodations but if not i will look up the place we stayed.

--others have given you many sights to see but surely Prague is worth days of walking in itself and yes, i also got some cash picked (in a crowded bus) but it was small change so do keep the bulk of your money close to your skin.