Subject: Re: Suggestion for Paris accommodation

I have walked past your hotel Left Bank St. Germain many times and have their brochure in my collection. You're right, it's a fabulous location so I'm especially glad to hear that you liked the hotel. Just to be clear, you paid 120 Euro's for the larger room with the double bathroom sinks? That's a great rate!

Before booking a Paris hotel, I *always* confirm the size. Often a standard room is only 10 meters while a deluxe room is often about 15 meters, 50% larger......BIG difference!

Since I've become closer to my friends in Paris, I now stay in their apt. in the 16th. I sure can't complain about the rate , (I even have my own private bathroom) but I miss staying in the 6th. I'm trying to get them to move, but so far, it's not working! But the 16th, ain't too shabby! :-)

Enjoy Idaho!

Candice NYC