Subject: Re: Update on our plans
Hi Brenda and Ziners!

Brenda, you'll have a very pleasant trip to Normandy, but I recommend you to add (it's just 1 hour visit) a side trip to Giverny. There you'll enjoy of seeing the beautiful gardens where Claude Monet painted many his famous paintings. Don't miss that!!!!!!!

About Spain. I think you'd do better if the visit of Andalucia will become the focus of your Spanish week. The cities like Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada and different sea-side sites like Gibraltar, Cadiz, Veher de la Frontera with tasting sherry in Jerez - all these can be more enjoyable than Madrid.

Another great part of Spain is Catalonia with its modernistic architecture of Gaudi, sites of Salvador Dali and breath- catching Pyrinean landscape.

As about Holland. You'll for sure visit Amsterdam. But there are also some very nice places though less visited. I recommend de Hoge Veluwe Park with Van Gogh museum (91 paintings) and free bicycle, Guiethoorn - water surrounded Dutch village, Enkhuizen open-air village museum, Enkhuizen and Hoorn towns, the Dutch biggest winmills' site Kinderdijk (near Rotterdam), Gouda, Delft and Dordrecht. Den Haague is pleasant as well, but I prefer the tinier towns. Don't miss as many tourists do the city of young Rembrandt - Leiden.

The beauty of Haarlem is unforgettable as well. I know that the list of the sites is very long, but you're free to chose according to your preferences.

Enjoy your trip. Alex Elbert

P.S. Thank you to all those who tried to help me with Marsala.