Subject: Re: Sydney trip
Hi Spencer,

Yes, it does help to know you're older, but still extremely athletic. In that case, the walk across the bridge is something I also highly recommend for you.

You mentioned that you'll be in Sydney for 12 days, so do I assume you're there for other primary purposes and can't leave to visit other places in Austalia?

If you only perhaps, a half day, I would recommend a visit to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney - you can do an organized tour (your hotel can arrange it) or you can rent a car and drive it by yourself if you're comfortable driving on the left side of the road.

The Hunter Mountains not far outside Sydney have some nice wineries to visit as another suggestion. If you have just a few hours and a car, drive to the most northern part of Sydney, Whale Beach - it's a rocky coastline and very pretty. Have lunch at Jonah's, get a table by the window and enjoy the food and the view.

If you think you'll have time for an overnight, let us know and I'm sure many of us can come up with some fun suggestions.

I know you're going to like Australia a lot, it's a very friendly place and there's lots of outdoor activities. You might want to check out a hot air balloon ride. Having a morning run around the Rocks and the Quay (pronounced Key) area will wake up your senses and then there are lots of nice places for an outdoor breakfast afterwards.

Candice NYC