Subject: Re: Vancouver Island and Columbia River Area
Hi, Kathy:

Depending on the snow pack, you can glacier ski on Mt Hood all thru the summer. This summer we've had a nasty, hot, dry few months & it looked as if the glacier skiing was awful to poor. The wild huckleberry crop is dismal as well, so stumbling around in the bushes won't yield the normal bounty we enjoy. But Timberline Lodge is a rare old treat, built by the CCC in the 30's; there's a hot-springs-fed swimming pool, dining room with regional treats like marionberry pie, & fine hiking around the base of the mountain. The wild lilies should still be in bloom, I think.

On the Columbia, don't miss taking the old road up to Crown Point for stunning views of the river, & stops along the river bottom for the glorious waterfalls which actually aren't at their best at the moment, but stunning nonetheless. Heading east, stop in Hood River to watch the world-class windsurfing & the latest rage amongst the Xtreme sports nuts, windboarding, which combines a snowboard & a sail/parachute. The winds down the Gorge are strong at this time of year, so the action's incredible.

A funky old hotel is just beyond Hood River, the Columbia Gorge Hotel. It's the old stopping place for stage coaches up & down the river.

If you cross the river at Bridge of the Gods, there's a new hot springs resort at North Bonneville my adult kids just love for the pampering & quiet.

At Astoria, Fort Clatsop is worth a look. It's the site of Lewis & Clark's winter on the Oregon Coast & the park is gearing up for the L & C anniversary next year. The park staff dress in period costumes & demo the skills the party had to develop to survive their winter out here. As an aside about our sometimes-gloomy weather, the party only saw the sun 3 times between November & March!

In Astoria itself, the Astoria Column, erected in 1926, marks celebrates the first permanent American settlement west of the Mississippi.

Happy trails! Gail In Eugene