Subject: Re: Sydney trip
Spencer, Definitely agree with the suggestions of the Admiral Nelson Pub in the Rocks. While there, take the boat to the zoo and, if you're lucky you'll see the cassowary which you will rarely see in the wild and, in fact, you don't want to meet it there anyway.

Harry's Pies are a Sydney fixture, as Molly writes.

If you can get out of Sydney, take a trip to the Jenolen Caves. They are amazing and the ride will take you through the Blue Mountains which hold the majority of koala bears in the world.

King's Cross is the spot for restaurants and bars. At one time, it had a reputation for being rather seedy, but we stayed there for five nights in 1992 and it was quite tame then. The double decker subway is an experience not to be missed.

Australia is a very easy country to be in. The people are friendly, helpful abd very easygoing. Lucy