Subject: Re: New England info
Hi, Marcia,

Welcome to the discussion group. This is in addition to the list provided by Doug earlier. (And I am sure Rebbi, Susie, and other New England Ziners will chime in soon.)

1) In Boston, try to visit JFK Presidental Library at Columbia point.

2) In you will be visiting Acadia National Park in Maine, then try to stop by Camden, Maine, one of the filming locations of the 1957 movie Peyton Place. Camden is just like Rockport in Massachusetts, only bigger and more prosperous.

3) In Rockland, Maine (a bit south of Camden) there is a 5-star Samoset resort. Adjacent to this resort is a public walk way leading to an old lighthouse (open to public), as seen at the top banner of the resort's website page:

4) During the foliage season, driving through any part of the White Mountains in New Hampshire is a treat.

Mei-Ching (Massachusetts)