Subject: Re: Chicago in October

What a surprise to look up the House of Two Urns and see that it is in my neighborhood! The location is just about two blocks from a subway station that will take you to downtown in less than 10 minutes on the train. I will drive by it tonight and give you more info on the outside. If I have time, I will stop by this weekend and try to see the inside. My guess is that the photos are pretty representative.

The neighborhood is mixed--Polish who have been there for years, Hispanic, yuppies. (Don't ask me how I ended up here-- I do not fit any of those labels). Frankly, don't wander around at night, but it is a bustling place during the day.

Around the corner on Division is a great place for breakfast, particularly on the weekends, called H.U.E. which stands for Hilary's Urban Eatery. Four blocks north on North Avenue and from there over the five blocks west are several restaurants which are popular and good. Some of them will require reservations. I will get back to you on that. Do check out the city's web site: There is a lot of information there. I will also think about a couple of restaurants downtown, and in Lincoln Park.

Lisa in Chicago