Subject: Train warning / out of Sydney/Travel books/ films
Dear 'Ziners, Train timetables in the UK are being adjusted due to the 'hot'(!) weather - please check that you have spare time built in for any connections, I did hear of a London - Stansted journey time of >4 hours.

Train ride to Kiama / Woolongong not a bad idea - I stayed at a great b& b in Kiama, went sea fishing , saw a blowhole and dolphins (if I find the contact details, I'll post them). I drove and it was fine - not too busy, but I'm used to LHS drives anyway. Not so sure about a train ride Sydney/Melbourne - it's about 13 hours & you can fly over in a couple of hours. It's entirely possible to spend a wekend in Melbourne and definately worthwhile (if only to make a comparison between the two rival 'premier cities').

The Scottish comedian/actor Billy Connolly ( has a good spin on Oz/NZ, England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales - the video's make you want to visit all these quirky places (and are a fantastic 'aide memoir' when you return).

Getting itchy feet already....

good travels to all, whether virtual or actual, Stewart , London., England