Subject: Re: New York to Berlin: best routes?
Hi Debbie,

Yes, from what I can tell there are no direct New York-Berlin flights. The main options for same-line connections are on Lufthansa via Frankfurt, KLM via Amsterdam, or Air France via Paris. Some of these could be on code-shares; for instance, you could get a United ticket and fly on Lufthansa, and I see that United has just announced a companion fare sale.

Looking at the options, I see that Lufthansa allows a 50-minute connection in Frankfurt. That would get you to Berlin quickly, but you would need to get through passport control during that time and count on your transatlantic flight to be on time; I wouldn't feel comfortable with this. Under the Schengen agreement, you would also need to clear passport control in Paris or Amsterdam. These connections would be in the early morning and there would be other flights available later if you miss your connection, but if you'd rather not deal with this, try to get a longer connecting time. I also see that one of Lufthansa's New York-Frankfurt flights is operated by Singapore Airlines; that could be an interesting, different experience.

Andrew Missouri