Subject: Re: Paris maps
Hi Ziners --

I may be a little late in weighing in on the Paris map discussion. I just returned from the US (a hot and muggy South Florida and a surprisingly mild Washington, D.C.)

As for maps, I'd recommend map books over the folding kind. To me the folding maps are unwieldy and announce that you are a tourist -- and thus juicy prey for pickpockets and others of a criminal mind. Books are more discreet.

There are any number of map books (called plans) of Paris available, some of which are small enough to carry in your pocket (but the maps are quite readable). They all have indexes listing the streets of the city and their coordinates on the maps. I use a Michelin plan that I bought years ago in the States.

Meanwhile, most of you probably know that Europe is suffering from the worst heatwave in decades. Temps in Paris have been hovering around the mid to upper 90s and touching 100. (London hit a record of over 100 degrees yesterday.) In the US that might be bearable, because so many homes are air conditioned. But here, where few people have air conditioning in their homes, it is downright oppressive -- and deadly (about 50 people have died in France in recent days because of the heat). I'm sure Parisians are spending longer hours at work than usual because their offices are air conditioned. (I'm among them.)

Latest news is that the heat may break Wednesday. In the meantime, there are a lot of people in town who are zombies because it's been too hot to sleep!

Bons voyages! Evan in Paris