Subject: Re: Chicago in October
Hi Lucy-

The House of Two Urns is a very typical two and one-half story brick house. Very charming on the outside. It is mid-block and is definitely in the neighborhood.

I completely forgot about the many restaurants on Division. Settimana and Fortunato are Italian style. Fortunato is quite loud and Settimana is a little more low key, but both are very popular and have good food. They are about six to seven blocks west of where you are staying. If it is not too late, you could walk.

On Chicago Avenue is A Tavola, one of my favorites. It is very small and requires reservations, is a bit on the pricey side, but the food and experience are excellent. The address is 2152 W. Chicago. Chicago Avenue is four blocks south of Division. Take a cab if you decide to go there. The neighborhood in which it is located is primarily Ukrainian, but Chicago Avenue east and west of the immediate area is not a good place to be.

BTW, if you have not noticed, I tend to gravitate to Italian. If you are looking for any particular type of food, let me know. We have everything in Chicago!