Subject: Los Angeles/ Pasadena Hotel Recommendations
Hello Ziners, My husband and I will be taking his mother and niece to the Rose Parade this year. I expect we will spend a week in the area as this will be our first trip to California. Since we are not familiar with the area and it is quite large, I am turning to this wonderful group for suggestions on where to stay.

While there we plan to visit the typical Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice & Long Beach sites. We'll also spend a day in Disneyland and if possible may take a day trip to ski (suggestions?). Of course, we'll want to stay in Pasadena, as close to the parade as possible to avoid traffic the morning of the parade. So, we may set up camp for the entire time in Pasadena or stay elsewhere at the beginning of the trip, then the last two nights in Pasadena.

We are looking for either a hotel or bed and breakfast in the $100 per night range. The four of us will likely share a room. We will have a rental car.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks, Jennie in Atlanta