Subject: Chicago food

To chime in, A Tavola is great, but a bit pricey, especially for the area. I like it quite a bit. I also like the Smokedaddy, if it is still there, at about 1800 W. Division, between Ashland and Damen. I have been eating there for about 8 or 9 years. Great BBQ, free music (often loud blues, bluegrass, or if you are lucky elegant jazz) and lots of inelegant ambiance.

It is a great neighborhood spot, in an area that is becoming a destination for dining. Chicagoans - Is Mas still there? Also, there was a great French spot on Milwaukee that was never as popular as it should have been, Cafe Matou. I loved it. I wouldn't bet on its still being there. My favorite cheap Italian, since the demise of Furios on Grand Ave, was always Via Carducci on Fullerton.

Jonathan Chimene NY