Subject: Re: Chicago in October
Hi all-

With regard to Joel's recommendations, and Jonathan's and Sandy's comments:

Cafe Matou: We were there about a year ago, and it was good. Definitely still there; perhaps because it is relatively small.

Piece: My personal opinion is Skip it. If you want pizza in Chicago there are many better places. The atmosphere is non-existent. About two blocks further east on the opposite side of North Avenue is Bada Bing. While the food is okay, the pizza is certainly much better than Piece. It is a converted garage. We love it during nice weather because (a) it is two blocks from our house and (b) the doors are open and we enjoy the traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, along North Avenue.

Mas is still around, but I have not eaten there.

Yes, Lucy, there is much to eat. To add to the list, if you crave Indian food, travel up to Devon Avenue--6300 north. There are many Pakistani and Indian restaurants and stores there.

I don't know how anyone would have time for the many wonderful cultural sites and events in Chicago with all of the restaurants and neighborhoods!