Subject: Re: England in the Spring
Hi Ziners, I'd tend to suggest May for slightly better weather, but it's always likely to rain! Bring decent waterproofs and a fleece epecially if you're considering the Lake District. (of course, there's no reason why you can't buy a cheap fleece here from a charity (thrift) shop & save the bulk; then you can give it back when you leave...).

The only trouble with May and Scotland is that the midges (no see'ums) start appearing - irritating rascals, even the (eco-friendly) Guardian newspaper recently found them pretty much without merit! 'SkinSoSoft' lotion from Avon has always been a popular 'repellant' for some people, others swear by eating plenty of brewers yeast tablets, garlic/onions or Marmite (no word received on the efficiency of Vegemite, you Aussies...!)

cheers, Stewart, London, UK