Subject: Hiroshima
Hello Travelzine,

I`ve been on vacation this week and had the chance to visit Hiroshima. This city is definately one dedicated to peace. For anyone who has visited any historical museum, you know they are quite depressing. The A-Bomb museum and memorial are very good. Outside the museum is the A-bomb dome, it used to be an old government building and it was one that managed not to completely burn down after the bomb hit. The whole area was put together very well and the city will continue to push for peace. We also took a day trip to Miyajima Island. For anyone in the Hiroshima area, go see it! It is absolutely beautiful! It is like Nara with an ocean. There are beautiful mountains. There is a beautiful and famous shrine and a temple. There are also deer who walk around the park just waiting for someone to feed them and give them a little pet. It is simply a beautiful island. In 2 weeks, I may go hiking up Mt. Fuji with some friends so I will definitely have to post about that.

Happy travels, Adam