Subject: Re: Cosmos tour Italy
Hi Marlene,

Cosmos runs a good tourist category tour. It is not 1st class but that only means the hotels are a bit farther out from the center of town. Buses & guides & sights are great & the company is good to work with. It's a tour company who has been around for a long time. I used them in a past life when I took a group of 50 to Oberammergau to the Passion Play. My group was very pleased with the tour & I was pleased with the service from the tour company reservationists & the people I dealt with. They deal in volume so you will see the sights but sometimes you feel like you are one of many. There's not a lot of getting to know individual areas or running into little-known areas. But you get good value for your $$ spent.

Carol Bailey In sunny Priest Lake, ID