Subject: Re: Cosmos
Hi, Marlene,

I agree with Carol, Sylvie, and Diane about Cosmos. I must admit I have never taken a Cosmos tour, but I have taken Globus tours which is the same company's slightly more upscale tours. I have always been completely satisfied with them. However, I have met many on the Globus tours who have taken Cosmos tours. They reported that the difference was slight and worth the savings. They said as the others did that the hotels are not as centrally located. Some considered that an advantage. They also indicated that Cosmos sometimes had an optional tour (extra cost) for a free afternoon that was part of tour (included) on Globus.

On one trip, I became friendly with an Australian lady who always travels alone with Cosmos. She was on a Globus tour for her first tour of the series of tours she had planned. She declared she couldn't see the difference. After that Globus tour, she flew to London and embarked on a three-month tour of Europe by putting many Cosmos tours together. On her return, she e-mailed me that she had had a great time. She was even happy with all her roommates that were assigned to her as she had requested to share.

Whether you go via tour or alone, you will have a wonderful time in Italy. It is one of my favorite destinations.

Have fun! Anne Yuma, Arizona