Subject: Re: New England info
Greetings, Marcia!

You have found the best travel website there is. As for driving through New England, my own best recommendation would be to drive along the coast of New Hampshire and plan some time to stop at Portsmouth, on that small bit on Atlantic Coast. There is a charming restored village called Strawbery Banke, done by the same man who did the Williamsburg restoration, as I recall.

It's been some time since I was there, but we loved a small restaurant on the water called the Blue Strawbery (yes, only one r). You must have reservations as they have two sittings and a fixed menu, nice linens, real china and flatware but mixed patterns. It was always a special treat. Also, we favored the New England Inn, near Concord, NH, in Innervale. Their food was fabulous, incuding lobster, fresh raspberries from their own bushes, just really a treat. It was an old restored home, so not fancy. If interested, inquire about private bath to be sure. There may be some rooms with shared bath.

We lived in Conn. a couple of times, and we found one of the nicest things about New England was the places you just happened on to. Especially in the small towns, where there so often are waffle breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, clambakes, etc. for fund raisers for the churches and other organizations. The food is most always exceptional for the cost, and you meet some of the locals that way. Don't miss the Cortland apples that should be for sale lots of places in Mass.

I go back every year to visit friends in Conn. and will be there from 09/26 to 10/8. Do have a wonderful trip.

Happy travels to all, especially the Leaf Peepers this time of year, Lou Matthews (Lakeway, TX)