Subject: Re: America West airlines
Hi Judy,

I've flown on America West quite a few times. I've never had a problem. They neither stand out nor fall below the standards of the other American carriers. Undoubtedly, some Travelziners have had negative experiences with this airline. But that would probably be true of virtually every airline operating.

In my particular case they share a route into Durango, Colorado with United Airlines. I make the trip from San Diego to Durango about twice a year. Over the years my experience has shown that United is incapable of getting my luggage transferred when I change planes in Denver (over 75% of the time). On the other hand America West has never had any trouble making the transfer when changing planes in Phoenix. My trips to Durango usually involve my bringing my ski gear. I can tell you no skier likes to leave the airport without his skis. For this reason I now fly America West whenever heading to Durango.

John in San Diego