Subject: Re: Re: QuickShuttle from Vancouver to Seattle
Hi, Diane,

Just to give an opposite opinion regarding Quick Shuttle from Vancouver to Seattle, I would not take it. I live in Vancouver and know that I could save a $100 or so sometimes if flying from Seattle. However, flying with all the wait, security checks, uncomfortable seats, no food or poor food on planes and airports, is not enjoyable anymore. The bus trip adds one more inconvenience, and, in my opinion, the greater convenience of not have to transfer to a bus, going through customs and being in a bus for more than 3 hours outweighs the savings of the plane ticket.

As far as the drive being beautiful, unfortunately it isn't, since is through the I-5 freeway, going through many communities, so it is mostly asphalt and towns and cities very closed one to the other. True near Bellingham one may see trees and lake, but that is about it. There is a more beautiful drive, but it is the one used before the freeway was built, it takes longer to drive to Seattle.

This is my 2 cents worth. If you don't mind the inconvenience and the fact that it will make your trip longer and consequently more tiring, surely there will be some financial savings on taking the Quick Shuttle.

Cheers, Helio in Vancouver, BC