Subject: Re: Thailand - questions
To Rose and the rest of the Ziners!

Several years ago (Nov 2001) we went to Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai and then down to Cambodia and the Angkor Wat ruins. We went via General Tours on one of their hosted itineraries: we were the only ones traveling so it was like an personally escorted tour. They made all the arrangments except international airfare, which we chose to do on our own. Regardless they met the flight and took us to the airport for the return.

We signed up for several of their day trips - to the Floating Markets and the River Kwai bridge but were on our own as much as we wanted. Hotels (and we took their cheaper selections) were all very comfortable, several steps above what we would usually book for ourselves, well located and all had buffet breakfasts. Guides were good and very helpful with my husband who had some mobility problems. We flew from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to Sien Reap back to Bangkok (and onto Toyko as we had combined this with a similiar General Tours trip to Japan).

Normally independent travelers, we have used General Tours on several occasions and do recommend them. They have various choices from totally escorted tours to hosted arrangements where you are pretty much on your own. We went with them in Morocco and on a Russian river cruise. They are quite flexible if you want to add stays at the beginning or end of their itinerary. They made arrangements for us for a several days stay in St Petersburg at the hotel of our choice, plus again, picked us up and took us to the airport for our department on a flight they had NOT booked.

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