Subject: Luggage Locks...and IDs
Hi Fellow Travelziners!!

Just came across Disposable Combination Luggage Locks which are sold in packages of 12 for $15 at Brookstone's, Item #03107. We picked a set up to use on our upcoming travels.

They are compact, good quality, look and feel like a secure lock...but, if inspectors insist on breaking them open to check contents, one simply carries extras and no big loss ensues...if we are lucky and inspectors don't break, just reuse! - a good value for the cost!


This is very elementary for Seasoned Travellers, but still worthy of note: It is truly amazing to us that so many travelers don't have a readily visible identifying item on luggage...especially now that so much of it looks alike! We have always tied a big red bunch of yarn on each handle for ready identification but have just purchased colorful wrap around belts to do the job!

Best to all, Lucille M Gioello Connecticut