Subject: German Low-cost Airliners
Hi, I read in this Sunday New York Times that several German airliners have introduced new low-coast flights and that their fares and schedules can be found at (click on Billigflieger or low-fare airlines)

One of them is German Express Web or by phone for a $5.75 fee at 49 1805 737 100 As an example, Berlin-Zurich and Berlin-Vienna are $88.50 each way including all taxes, calculating the dollar at $1.15

The good thing is that tickets are changeable up to 48 hours in advance for a $29 fee.

Deutsche BA ( ) phone 49-1805 359 322, booking fee $11, flies Berlin-Venice and Hamburg Venice star at $58 each way. Changes can be made up to the day of travel for $23.

Hapag-Lloyd Express , 49-180-509 3509 Phone fee is $8.60 ( ) from Cologne and Hannover flies now to Palermo, Naples, Rome and Venice, Valencia, Bilbao, etc. Prices range from $23 to $352, and are changeable up to 2 hours before flight time for $29 + difference in ticket value.

The Times also lists, Germanwing ( ) starting at early booking during off-season at the amazing price of $22. This airliner flies to many foreign destinations.

Air Berlin, ( ) 49-1801 73 7800 flies Berlin-barcelona,London-Stansted, Milan, Rome, Vienna. Starting at aprox. $110 each way.

Graziella, Miami Beach.