Subject: Re: Mallorca
Hello Virginia,

Mallorca sightseeing according to a clockwise trip beginning in Palma.

In a western part of Palma is a great museum of Juan Miró.

There is a great road going up into the hillside west of Palma - but it's hard to find, just alongside an army camp.

Southwest is the place where the famous and infamous Mallorca residents live. ;) But you could e.g. do a boat trip to the island of Dragomera.

Western part - Tramuntana mountains. Including the area of Valdemossa and Deia (see every guide book), the route down to Sa Calobra (15 bended kilometres) where you can park your car - rental car VERY recommended - next to the seaside, walk along the coast (and sometimes thru the rock) and then find a beautiful gorge.

Also at the edge of the Tramuntana is a famous self-sustaining ex-farm called La Granja which is a beautiful sight and very informative about the old way of life.

The valley of Soller is famous for orange trees. You can reach it on an old (!) train from Palma and then even switch to another kind of street train to get to the port of Soller.

And then there's in Arabian garden which I really like.

In the north west you can do a nice trip with beautiful views to the Cap Formentor. And also the bay of Alcudia is a nice sight - and you might even find some small lonely beaches nearby - have a look ;)

I had once a memorable afternoon in the nature park of Albufera where you can watch many creatures from frogs to birds.

In Sineu is a kind of cattle market (from little hens to donkeys) on Wednesday mornings - be sure to be there at least before 9 o'clock. A little later the tourist busses appear :)

A very quiet area is the northeast where you can e.g. visit a monastery at Belem. But there's really not much to see except wonderful peaceful landscape. Near Artą are the remainings of a stone age village.

Porto Cristo has famous caves and several of the eastern villages/towns have nice harbours. The southeast is dominated by rocky bays with hidden beaches. And in the south there is also a kind of sand dunes area.

In the middle plain area of Mallorca are a few hills. Two of them (Randa, the other one escapes me at the moment) have monasteries/nunneries on them and are well worth a visit.

Only problem is that at the moment they have still forest fires there, e.g. on the Randa hill. So it would be good to watch out and be careful - not to go to the areas where fire still is a problem and of course also not to cause a fire yourself :)

hth Baerbel.