Subject: Re: Switzerland
Hi, Mary. I am sorry that my response is delayed to your question about accommodations in Zermatt. I was away in Colorado for a few days in the mountains (I like them too).

When I was in Zermatt, I was very pleased with the hotel Alfa Garni -

The web site is in German, but I used babelfish ( to translate the prices. The available rate depends on whether you want to share a bathroom and how much of a view you are willing to pay for. For example, a double room with a view appears to be 160 Swiss francs/night this summer. In contrast, a single room with a shared bath away from the Matterhorn is 50 Swiss francs.

Let me also take the opportunity to strongly recommend that you consider a ride on the Glacier Express train that runs between St. Moritz and Zermatt if it fits your itinerary. It was fantastic! Perhaps the highlight among many standout memories from that trip.

Mark Los Angeles