Subject: Re: Luggage Locks...and IDs
Lucille We have electrical tape on ours. It doesn't harm the luggage and it looks to the casual observer as if it's holding the luggage together - i.e. old and not worth the effort of stealing! We've also stopped buying black luggage. In the past few years, I've never seen any green baggage like ours.

Years ago we had bright yellow packs which didn't show up at the luggage carousel. After a bit of waiting and fretting, we finally gave up, took the bus from Heathrow to Victoria Station and headed to look for a room. As we walked down a side street, we passed the Pan Am office and lo and behold, there were our bright yellow backpacks. The agent had no answer as to how our luggage ended up there - we had flown to England by Air Canada. We didn't care - we had our supplies for the jaunt across Europe and we would never have noticed black or navy blue packs.

Always include your work address on your luggage. There's no point in advertising that your home is empty while you're away. Lucy