Subject: Re: Mallorca
Hi Virginia We spent only one day in Mallorca as a cruise stop. Palma is a typical Mediterranean resort town, strung out along the sea and it has a very nice boardwalk. It's geared to tourists with restaurants, tourist shops, agencies, etc. along the main street. We were six people, so rented two cars. We got a map from the rental agency and drove all day - stopping whenever we saw something beautiful, very easy to do on the island. It's very hilly, roads are narrow and memorable. Some of the views are breathtaking. Stop in Valldemossa, the town where Frederic Chopin and Georges Sand stayed as he tried to recover from his tuberculosis. We happened on a rehearsal - grand piano, pianist in a tuxedo, practicing for a concert. Sounds of Chopin through the village - lovely. We found some interesting basketware - I picked up a bag which has lasted me many summers.

Here's a site that may interest you.