Subject: Re: Mallorca
Hi Virginia,

I recently returned from a trip, via cruiseship, to Spain. We had an incredible day in Mallorca. I can't place my notes of the day, but we created a fantastic itinerary. Four of us walked off the cruise ship and hired a taxi/guide. We were very fussy in our selection as we wanted someone who was mellow and spoke some english. We selected Juan, a lovely middle-aged man who was soft spoken and an excellent driver. He quoted us a rate of under 200 Euro's for the day. We had suggestions from someone who lived there and they were great suggestions. She recommended that we drive to Valdemossa via the mountains and skip the tunnel, as we'd miss the gorgeous views. She was right. We spent some time in Valdemossa, a beautiful town. Don't miss visiting the Cartuja Monestary. It's famous because Chopin and his lover George Sands spent a miserable winter together trying to rid him of tuberculosis and Sand's wrote her famous Winter In Mallorca.

Don't have lunch there, though you'll be tempted. Drive to Fornalutz where you'll see the most breathtaking sites and have lunch in one of the restaurants near the beginning of the town gates. We chose Belle Vista Restaurant and the food was fantastic. We invited Juan to dine with us, he was reluctant, but we insisted.

>From there we drove to Sollay and some other mountain towns, seeing the magnificinet landscape of olive and almond tree's as well as some other sites like Bellver Castle.

Lastly, he left us off in Palma where we spent a couple of hours on our own wandering around and doing some shopping. We gave Juan a 20 Euro tip on top as we kept him longer than he anticipated.

I took his card, feel free to call him for a booking, he was great. Juan A. Gonzalez Telephone: 616-480275 That's local, sorry I don't know the foreign exchange.

For Barcelona restaurants, I highly recommend 4CATS. It's off Las Ramblas and Picasso and Miro used to hang out there in the 30's.

Have a great trip.

Candice NYC

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