Subject: Re: Traveling to Vienna and Slovenia
Cornelia, Re apartments in Slovenia: As far as I could tell, after much research, there is only one company that brokers apartments in Ljubljana, I believe their URL address is or . (There are one or 2 others on the web, but they appear to be sub-brokers for these folks.) The name changed in the last 6 months or so and I can't remember which URL is correct. At any rate, I can't say I would recommend them. I tried to rent an apartment for a stay in July -- first they said there was nothing available, then they wouldn't rent for less than a week, then they would only reserve within 10 days of arrival, etc. The story kept changing, it was very frustrating. There seemed to be several different people answering their emails. We never did get an apartment, though there was an email when we came home that offered something for a rental to begin the day after the email was sent. The tourist office was not helpful. Some of the hotels in Ljubljana have suites, but they are expensive and don't have cooking facilities.

On the other hand, there are lots of apartments outside of Ljubljana, especially on farms in the small towns. The farm-lodging section of the Slovenia tourism website lists some. Many of the farms offer both rooms and apartments. There are also apartments in and around Lake Bled. The restaurant Ribic on the lake has 4 apartments to rent. We didn't stay there, but the restaurant was nice and staff friendly (everyone is friendly in Slovenia!). Hope this helps. Feel free to email me directly for more info.

Carol in Boulder, Colo.