Subject: Bavaria in May
Hi, Ziners,

I'm planning our trip to Bavaria (our first), and it seems like the hardest part is choosing which towns to base in. Right now I have tentatively planned flying into Frankfurt, driving down to Rothenberg, going on to Munich, then I get a little stuck.

I'm not sure whether we should stay in Berchtesgarden, which sounds beautiful, or stay in Salzburg.

Then I planned to drive the Alpinestrasse over to Garmisch area to see the castles, etc. Again, I'm not sure if we should stay in G-P or Reutte over the border.

I was hoping I might get some feedback :-). We're both about 40, and we're looking for this trip (2 weeks) to be fairly leisurely. We'll be renting a car. We're 2 to 3 star people. Thanks for any suggestions.

Marge in NYC