Subject: Re: Mallorca
Hi Graziella,

Juan charged us less than 200 Euros - I think it was 170 E and we then added 20E as a tip bringing it to about 190 Euros. The woman who wrote us the itinerary suggestions is a tour guide in Palma and she said the price would be about that much. Juan showed us a printed list which showed various tours, each at about 170 Euros, however, we played Chinese Menu and added a couple of towns, which then added a couple of hours, but he didn't add to his price. We were with Juan for about 8 hours. Hence, we paid 45 Euro's a person.....about $50. for a full day. Other people on our cruise were charged 220 Euro's, had a driver who spoke poor english (their fault for not being picky) and then wanted more when they went over their alloted 6 hours. They wound up paying 250Euro's for a so-so driver. The price is per car, which can hold up to 4 passengers, so it's to your advantage to make a couple of friends.

The cruise ship charges were $49. per person just to go to Valdemossa and see the Monestary and then go to a glass blowing factory. The tour was 4 hours. They had some other tours available, all in the 5 hour range for $59. per person.

It's definitely a lot less money making your own plans.

Candice NYC